Kunden Feedback

Great selection, great service, definitely recommended.

The most beautiful craft glitter there is. I'm always fascinated by how they all glitter.

Great glitters, we love them, can be used in so many areas!

I just recently ordered for the first time and I'm thrilled! Great glitter.

I am delighted with the quality of the glitter. It works great in the resin and does not settle.

Very satisfied, large selection, great color combinations just great!

Very nice glitter! Every color is an eye-catcher! Something for everyone, there is so much choice. Fast shipping and great customer service, if you have something, they help quickly.

Your glitter is just amazing! The sparkle fascinates me again and again. It's so great that the glitter in the resin doesn't lose its color and stain the resin. Actually, I'm not a fan of fine glitter, I rather love the mix of coarse and fine, but I even love the fine ones from you. My favorite is definitely the Mirror Ice. Communication with you is always super nice. Keep it up because you are just great!

Best glitter ever! I love all your glitters.

I AM A HUGE FAN!!! Always super convinced!



Nicole - The Glitzer Queen